Day 1


Way before getting pregnant, the Mr. and I would always call our future offspring “Rumble”. I think he was dead set on having a boy as his first born. True enough, “Rumble” did always cause rumbling in my tummy as early as 18 weeks. His movements inside my uterus were really strong that everyone touching my tummy always felt something.

But we know hell would break loose if we put Rumble on his birth certificate! Imagine the horror on the parentals faces! So as soon as we saw something in between his legs, the name search began.

Or so I thought. My husband already liked Ryan. I didn’t. It was common. I wanted something unique, something which will set my little boy apart. So I pursued Zoren. And thankfully, it sounded really good together 🙂

My husband wanted Ryan because it sounded like his name. I eventually liked it because it means “little king”.

Zoren is Renzo with the syllables interchanged. Renzo is my brother in law, who passed away on December of 2010. The week of his 40 days celebration was the week I know I got pregnant! It must mean something, right?!

And upon googling, I found out that Zoren is an alternative to Zoran, which means “sultan”. Therefore, my son is a born leader! Coolness!

Thank you legallymama for the idea 🙂