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Hours after his second dose of 6 in 1 vaccine, Z was his usual jolly self. We thought that it would be just like before, when he didn’t get fever. But lo and behold, he was lethargic, teary-eyed and fussy upon waking up the next day. I felt really sad seeing my baby boy in such a bad state but he still managed to smile at the camera.

So, it was another learning experience for Mommy-Me, an ordeal that we moms do not want to go through ever again. I know I’ve got years ahead to encounter a sick, it is inevitable but here are a few things that will help me in the years to come:

  • Listen to the pedia about the possible effects of the vaccine. We were told that the fever and fussiness may come in 2 days after the vaccine. After that, the sickness may be from another source.
  • Be prepared. Even though Z didn’t get sick before, I already had my stock of paracetamol to combat the fever. You may want to have Kool Fever available also but Z preferred the old-school towel trick on the forehead.
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps. Z was really fussy and didn’t want to be put down. He liked sleeping on my chest so that’s how we slept for one whole night, if I really slept! It also helped that my husband was a night owl that he looked after Z (and me!).
  • Have healthy snacks available to help you stay awake at night. High-fiber bread and crackers and apples worked for me! Since I nursed Z on demand (he was nursing every hour!!!), water was a must to keep me hydrated and awake!
  • We played classical music to help calm Z and my anxiety! Mozart rocks! And so does Vivaldi!
  • And as in everything in life, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

Preparation is really the key for unforeseen circumstances!